Transforming Lives Through Fashion – Mentoring Programme

Fabric of Life and Bavubuka Allstarz Foundation​ is offering opportunity to students, graduates and professionals in the fashion industry to use their skills, knowledge and gifts in service to young aspiring fashion designers in Uganda. We have created a call to our global family to support us in providing education, knowledge, skills and experience to young talented designers who would not normally have access to such opportunity.

Through live and digital mentoring, we are igniting innovation through fashion – giving young fashion designers a better chance to show the world who they really are, and what talent lies in Uganda.

The young people Fabric of Life is working with live in marginalized communities, and many don’t have access to education and opportunity that would easily lead them to positive employment. Yet despite these limitations, each have a unique story to tell, huge potential, a thirst to learn, and an ambition to work to be able to change the fortunes of their own, and their communities’ lives.

Since my first trip to Uganda in 2015, my own life has changed to one of service and purpose to the young people and communities that I had met. This is because I experienced a country and people with unbelievable natural talent and an raw authenticity weaved through story, art and music. Now I am so excited to offer the opportunity for new people to get involved in worthwhile work that can transform lives.

In an environment that hosts no fashion school, and a very limited industry, we see ample opportunity for growth.  We are looking for expertise in the following areas to support that growth:

Fashion business – marketing – design – social enterprise – industry insights – fashion practice – product design – communication – media – styling – management & branding

Please contact us if you are interested in being a part of a programme that is connecting talent to build and transform through fashion.

We look forward to inviting new members to the Bavubuka Youth Foundation Volunteering Uganda​ family.