Testimonial from M-LISADA

The hard work and struggles reveal themselves to be worth it when you get great feedback from leaders you respect and look up to..

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“As an organisation we see a bright future for this project Fabric of Life. We want to impact more people from the community with this project. As a team we feel that Fabric of Life is something that has impacted children from M-LISADA, and now we need to spread our wings outside to reach more young people with this vision.

Well done ladies, thank you so much for the hard work, thank you for not giving up on our children, they have different stories, different needs, but you have been so patient, i am so glad that you have been able to tolerate us”

“We at M-LISADA have been doing tailoring, which most people see it as a traditional course, but there is a uniqueness with Fabric of Life..

Fabric of Life tells your story, it makes a child take up their past as something they can earn a living out of. It gives motivation and it gives pride for someone to identify with their past and at the same time seeing their future out of this course.

I feel that we will use this name Fabric of Life, to mean having a story to tell about an individual, and having the children have the confidence to share out their story and getting motivated to do things on their own.

There is a huge difference between tailoring and Fabric of Life. When someone says they are doing tailoring, the community really has a different view of it, and when you say I am doing Fabric of Life, and you tell a story, and out of that story you are able to say, I was able to design a specific design, i was able to design an art piece from my story, and now I am able to use it as a trademark to sell my product… This is something that not many people know, but we can be a pioneer for this great idea.”

Emilly, M-LISADA Foundation, Aug 2017′