The Radical Path of Truth

As I set off on my journey to represent my peers and community as a fellow for the AU EU Youth Plug In Initiative – amongst 36 young people across Africa, Europe and the Diaspora, I stop to contemplate my part and position within this opportunity.

The AU EU Summit was a positive experience, 120+ youth coming together to contribute a declaration on the areas of  Business & Job Creation, Culture,  Sports & Arts, Education & Skills,  Environment & Climate Change,  Governance & Political Inclusion and Peace & Security. However amongst the busy schedule and daunting nature of meeting so many new people under new and unusual circumstances, I had lost my authentic voice.

In preparation for my next journey, I have sunk myself into a culture I have found power in, and reached out to the brothers and sisters who live and breathe that culture every day.  Hip-Hop in its holistic essence has the ability to inspire me, to connect me with the struggles, challenges and triumphs of people just like me, to connect me with the spirit, and give me the courage to act and speak out in higher planes of purpose and possibility.

I give thanks to this culture and what is has given me over these past two years. With such in mind I will continue to reference the Hip Hop Declaration of Peace along my journey; a document that guides the culture in ‘establishing a foundation of Health, Love, Awareness, Wealth, peace and prosperity for ourselves, our children and their children’s children, forever’.

Fifth Principle

The ability to define, defend and educate ourselves is encouraged, developed, preserved, protected and promoted as a means toward peace and prosperity, and toward the protection and the development of our self-worth. Through knowledge of purpose and the development of our natural and learned skills, Hiphoppas are encouraged to always present their best work and ideas.

The Fifth Principle reminds me that it is my duty to continually learn and educate myself in order to meet my desired tasks and purpose along this journey. I am completely out of my comfort zone and about to embark on activities which will put my knowledge to test – on high professional platforms amongst specialists in their fields.  Therefore in order to demand the respect I want of my peers and wider audience , I must be confident in the opinions and the messages I am sending.

—- —– ————————— ————————- ——————— —————- —-

Finally I want to reference British Poet and Hip Hopper Kojey Radical, who’s words and music has inspired me to be BRAVE, speak UP and OUT, to use my authentic voice and walk the radical path of TRUTH.

I can only ever speak with the perspective I was blessed with
The damned may curse my name. I’ll be damned if they don’t respect it
I was out here. Trying to make penny out this art shit
Where the doubts of disbelievers, could turn anybody heartless
The only thing I fear is seeing how black my lungs are
Going to the bank and seeing how low my funds are
This is gods body speaking with a belly full of thunder
Haven’t eaten in 22 winters
I know hunger

I’ve been losing weight trying to find the way or find the answers
But I realised the same things that made can break a martyr
This is factual
Selling my soul just wasn’t practical
Found wealth inside of knowledge made my mental twice as valuable
Yeah, quiet room as the penny drops
And you realise when you’re broke they don’t give

We believed that we could never make a difference
Spent our lives doing the devils work while
Asking for forgiveness
If we only judged a man on the length of his riches
And continued to diminish the strength inside our women

I don’t have the answers
I am just another citizen, walking amongst false gods
With self indulged omnipotence
I don’t have the answers
I am just another citizen, walking amongst false gods
With self indulged omnipotence”


It’s amazing.
To witness the hierarchy of
power you deem acceptable
How the masses would rather
Hand decisions to the individuals
Individuals back to masses
In termly political rituals
Stand beside me.
Not as followers as thinkers
So we no longer have to look
Up for guidance we can look
Side by side
What side are you on.
We are no different

No age
No class
No Color
No Race
Like troops with with lowered arms and
open palms.
Where they see we weeds we see seeds see
We no longer need to close our fists for the revolution