Charity and Divine Photo-Shoot

Returning home from the British Council visit I was feeling quite high. The day had been a success so far and our late breakfast at Cafe Javas was delicious. We were tasked to create images that Charity could use to promote her clothing and images to support Divine, a Congolese model’s career.

We started with two iPhones and one DSLR, using the compound for inspiration and backdrop to Charity’s beautiful clothing.  Gilbert, the Bavubuka Hip Hop Archivist, joined us as we moved up the hill, which gave us beautiful high views of the rolling hills of the city of Kampala.  The red earth, blue sky, local children eating mangos, and herd of goats roaming the area, gave the shoot a real Ugandan authenticity which I loved. It was my first time to work with a professional model, and Divine was truly amazing, maintaining energy throughout the whole shoot, and her connection with the camera and the clothing was very apparent.

My favourite thing about the whole experience was the people I was working with. We were all volunteering our time, using our energy and efforts to support fellow creatives. We were doing it for the love of the people involved. I was caught up in this present moment of creative bliss, so far away from my desk job back at home.  So far away from that place in my head where I used to escape to for 70% of the day, a place in imagination, escaping the present and wishing for future events to take place. On reflection I am very grateful for the experience, and grateful for the beautiful people I live and work with every day.