The Bavubuka Foundation

The Bavubuka Foundation

In the context of Indigenous Hip Hop practice,  Builders are defined as individuals whose visions, aspirations, and ideas, are passionately driven to lead, innovate, and engineer creative solutions, which contribute to self- liberation and service for humanity. This is what we call the awakening of youth to become architects for community design

Our vision is to create peace building platforms which empower and unify young people from diverse communities. In doing so amplifying and creating a powerful awakening of the youth voice across East Africa. Our young leaders are given opportunities to authentically redesign their communities through peace building practices.  We are encouraging young people to find solutions from within, routed in their reconnection to their indigenous wisdom.

We have boldly triumphed in empowering youth to use their voice, photography, video, fashion, farming, citizen journalism, art, music and enterprise in reaching their potential and building the communities around them.


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We have fantastic opportunities for people to join the Bavubuka family as volunteers.  Please check our this link for more details

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