Builders Lane Radio and TV – Grassroots Revolutionary Journalism

Returning to the UK on my mission to connect and inspire, my daily life and hustle has been purposefully fuelled by a community of young leaders through an innovative application of readily accessible technology.

Builders Lane Radio and TV is a platform, hosted on Whatsapp, which currently holds 256 members which include Indigenous Hip Hop practitioners, Hip Hop scholars, fashion designers, poets, musicians, farmers, community activists and more.  This is a space where daily dialogue, encouragement, sharing and celebrating takes place between a collective of people who are living with purpose and using their creativity to serve and inspire others.

Hosted by Ugandan Indigenous Hip Hop emcee and community leader Corp Zak, the platform manages to connect people and projects across the globe, spanning Africa, Asia, Europe and America.  Using the simple record functions, participants engage in relevant discussion around their work, their communities and share wisdom and experience in their field of expertise. It is also a place where people share photography, video and music, all aimed to educate and elevate the movement and each other.

‘I didn’t come to teach you I came to love you. because love will teach you.  lets love and then love will teach.’ Chad Harper

Currently on the Builders Lane Radio, USA born Chad Harper, Founder and CEO of the non-profit Hip Hop Saves Lives, is giving testimony from the field in Mombassa, Kenya. Having such an influential and successful change-maker within Hip Hop, share wisdom on a youth-led grassroots platform, is such a very powerful tool in inspiring the young African leaders.  It is giving recognition and validation for their own work and struggle, where mainstream media would normally ignore and dismiss such important community work.

I cannot measure the excitement and encouragement I have felt from participating and listening to this platform each day.  I am so impressed by the ingenuity of young African leaders in making the best use of the technology that is at hand, and stopping at nothing in their mission to inspire and educate.  This a perfect example of solid, powerful and informative citizen journalism, an alternative to the mainstream media and systems that currently exist.  Journalism that gives space for authentic real voices to come through and be celebrated.



Knowledge is power to these young people.  They will not be slowed down in their work of transforming communities.  As Indigenous Hip Hop Emcee, social entrepreneur and community Builder Ram Kigozi put it in his testimony on the Builders Lane Radio and TV,  ‘Ugandan Hip Hop is unstoppable’, and indeed these young people are unstoppable in their tracks to greatness.



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