Are You Listening? Spyda MC Creative and Social Entrepreneurship


Aineomugisha Alimansi Wanzu aka Spyda weymusi
Co-founder, Tandika Esaawa

Video Including Natural Calamity MC, DXL Magezi, Phitzo Kiganda Mcee

Representing Amanyi Yeffe, Abanadawo Movement, Nilotika Cultural Ensemble, Tandika Esaawa, Tontoma Youth Movement.

About Spyda..
‘I am Spyda Mc, my purpose is to express emotions, drawing a picture from which the world can see and groom better citizens. One of my key roles is to organise Ghetto to Ghetto Tours and our annual Hip Hop & Boxing event Return of the Champions. These grassroots programs include the Cypher Revolution Series which aims to give ghetto youth the confidence and platform to use their to voices to contribute to the solutions they desire to see in society. This work has developed my awareness of self and transformed me into a respected leader in my community. It has taught me that life has an independent cycle that takes time to learn. It has also taught me how to grow
from challenges and celebrate accomplishments, using these moments to inspire me to continue building. I see a change in the attitude of the community towards the youth, this is brought about by the positive influence our work has and the focus on bridging the gap between ages.

The regular art and music events we organise have increased our visibility and contributed to peace and order by providing a positive focus for youth. Our collective vision is to create stable, long-term youth centres that continue to build positively. This will go along way in building respect in our communities and reducing conflict caused by tribal differences, segregation, classism, colour and behaviour.

I envision my near future activities to be continuing to remix the Art of Hip Hop and Boxing, building the Cypher Sessions into Hip Hop Schools of Thought and embarking on promoting foundational Agriculture for continuous sustainability and controlling rural to urban migration.’ Spyda MC

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These ARE YOU LISTENING testimonies are giving a platform for active community leaders to contribute their experiences, ideas and words of wisdom towards the AU EU partnership Summit and our Youth Declaration. This is part of the Youth Plug-In Initiative journey; bringing together 36 young people from across Africa, Europe and the diaspora to engage in these political platforms and inform change.

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