Are You Listening? GP pt1 Creative and Social Entrepreneurship

“Many souls of our young men throughout the world are being sold for money, they fail to fulfil their own dreams. What they really love to live on they forgo it for money issues. Our generation try to copy things that are not of the people of the continent…

Mstaafrika continue to live, believe and walk the morals and ways of Africa”   Gp Rowdix

In this video GP Rowdix speaks TRUTH and words of WISDOM in his quest to economically, spiritually, and psychologically empower young Africans through arts, music, language, and culture

These ARE YOU LISTENING testimonies are giving a platform for active community leaders to contribute their experiences, ideas and words of wisdom towards the AU EU partnership Summit and our Youth Declaration. This is part of the Youth Plug-In Initiative journey; bringing together 36 young people from across Africa, Europe and the diaspora to engage in these political platforms and inform change.

Next AUEUYPII stop.. Addis for the #AfricaTalksJobs conference

Please let me know if you would like to contribute your voice to this series and platform x

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