About Me

About Me

I am the Founder of the fashion educational platform Fabric of Life and I am the Project Coordinator for the In Place of War Creative and Social Entrepreneurship Programme in Uganda.

My purpose is in supporting the next generation of leaders to realise their true potential, enabling them to break systematic injustice for community transformation

Over the years I’ve found development work really tricky: perhaps because I’ve seen with my own eyes how the natural resilience of people and communities goest unrecognised at best, and is corrupted at worst, by the inherently neocolonial practices of so many international NGO’s working in the field. More troubling for me, is the entrenched mistrust within local communities that this approach has instilled, leading to a culture of competition instead of collaboration, for control of the limited resources and opportunities available.

Since my first visit in 2015, Uganda has been a blessing, my greatest challenge and my biggest education in life. It was there that I met a collective of young visionary indigenous Hip Hop practitioners and community leaders; my inspiration, my teachers and my comrades.  It was amongst these people that I found something that is both a tool for change and a refuge; work within the arts, music and creative and social entrepreneurship, which has provided fertile ground for an approach rooted in community self-expression, cultural preservation, healing and economic empowerment.

Within my roles, I broker the magic of the young people I build with, with those that may be able to offer support and experience that quality in return.  My aim is to foster environments that support growth, skill development and potential to flourish as an authentic individual. This means opening up spaces and platforms for connection and collaboration, where young people envision and build their own future.

My current aspiration is to play my own part in replacing the narrative that Africa is a poor continent in need of charity, with a story that comes from the hearts of young Ugandans themselves. I have seen through their eyes that Africa has another story to tell, of a rich culture, a talented youth, and a new generation of warriors who are stepping forward to reclaim their right to bring the future they envision into reality. If you would like to discuss, collaborate or support the work that I do and the communities I serve, please contact me at iam@dainaleigh.com

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