A testimony to Africa

I present this poem of Xyna Culture Zizy, a female emcee, a young mother and graphic designer in Uganda. I present it in place of my own words in order to help share with the world the stories and voices of youth most ignored or hidden.  This poem was written at the Back to the Source Hip-Hop Leadership Retreat 2016. 


At sunrise, the mind runs back to dawn.  How is it going to be like today? It wasn’t fair yesterday.  The dream to conquer the fullest of my human being. The struggle of being myself. The love to share, the care to share. How is it going to be the day after dawn? Where will I be? How will it feel like?  The thought of those who came before me and those who will come after I am gone. Those I see, and those I feel . The inspiration arises.

The dusk of championship dream reborn.  The ghetto champs.  As I move on the rods, the struggle of the ‘forgotten generation’ where brothers and sisters fighting and killing each other for things that do not matter.  Hope, responsibility, and talent locked behind bars because of their appearance.  Mothers of the nation too busy to embrace their responsibilities.  Children everywhere . who is to blame for that? Me you and who else?

The journeys I travel, the different people I meet, the inspiration, the motivation, the uplift, the drift that shifted the dreams to life, back to the source. The source of the longest rift valley river of consciousness, love , knowledge, hope , self unleashing. The retreat of leaders sharing thoughts that unlocked much.  It proved I had a purpose to accomplish.  Something that I was afraid to face.  The fear that came to be a dream inspired. I am very thankful for every piece of everything I experienced.